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Essential Oils for Health & Vitality; Activating the Vagus Nerve

Early Mosquito Season: The mosquitos are starting up early this season, and so we are featuring these mosquito-fighting essential oil blends and body & environmental sprays on special, One-Third Off!

PREMIUM Antiviral Blends for Respiratory Relief


Natural Antibacterial, Antiviral, Antimicrobial & Strep-Fighting Blends for Children & Adults

PREMIUM BLENDS: Spiritual energy provides Adrenal Support, relieves anxiety/panic for Wellbeing

PREMIUM Mental Focus, Attention/Concentration & Memory Essential Oil BLENDS

PREMIUM Wellbeing, Natural Antidepressants, Hormonal/Metabolic/Emotional Support

PREMIUM Massage Pain Relief with FUSE Liniment and other SPORTS Fitness Products


These blends assist drainage of excess fluids throughout the body, including the brain, sinuses, lymph, kidneys and other internal organs.

Our cleaning & disinfecting products are all-natural essential oils and essential oil blends, which are very effective and leave areas smelling fresh and clean. Try them, you will love them!!

Spiritual Essential Oil Blends

RESPIRATORY INHALERS; & 1/8 oz Antiviral, Respiratory Blend for Daily Wear, Masks 

SORE THROAT Respiratory Relief & Antiviral, Antimicrobial Protection:

Many favorite Naturally Sweet Pure Essential Oil Blends in 1/8 and 1/4 oz sizes, excellent for Daily Wear & Diffusion 

Energy Healing, First Aid, Hi-Vibe, Hormonal, Sensuality, Diffuser Blends, Fitness, Sports Massage; Inspirational Massage, Spiritual & Strengthening/Immune-Building Blends.

We have plentiful supply of these vibrational air freshener and skin/body sprays!

Spray Specials: Half Price During August!

This category includes Essential Oils and Essential Oil Blends containing significant amounts of Eugenol, which acts as a natural preservative against mold, resistant microbes and viruses in the body,  and fights airborne viruses (including Norovirus) in the environment. These oils must be handled with caution, diluted with gentler oils or various carrier oils/creams and NOT during pregnancy. 

Diffusion is an excellent and safe means of application.

Anti-Inflammatory, Antispasmodic, Calming, Immune-Building

PREMIUM Drainage, PAIN RELIEF & Cleanse, Nourish,  Cellular Repair

Signature Blends & their Aspects by Earth Angel Oils

Affordable Pure Essential Oils

These are essential oils and essential oil blends which are frequently used in treatment programs for children and adolescents with PANDAS (Pediatric AntiInflammatory Neuropsychological Disorder associated with Strep) At client request, we have created this category of oils and blends frequently utilized in the management of PANDAS. We have chosen calming, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and immune-building oils and blends which calm and energize the Central Nervous System.  

Sacred Essential Oil Blends, enhanced with Yucatan Flower Essences from Star Johnsen-Moser's garden.

Angel Scents Angel Packs

Angel Scents Angel Packs


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