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Many favorite Pure Essential Oil Blends in 1/8 and 1/4 oz sizes, excellent for Daily Wear, &Aroma Necklaces 

Energy Healing, First Aid, Hi-Vibe, Hormonal, Sensuality, Diffuser Blends, Fitness, Sports Massage; Inspirational Massage, Spiritual & Strengthening/Immune-Building Blends.


Ceramic Aroma Necklaces by Elena Trexler LAST ONES EVER

Spiritual Essential Oil Blends

ACTION INCENTIVES 2/3 OFF: Blend/Spray Combo Gifts

In order to continue the action, we have now put some more of our most popular blends on deep special (2/3 Off) until October 5th only, and then will be featuring another group of best-selling blends at 2/3 off for the end of October. So don't miss our continuing deep specials on our most popular signature blends!

Signature Blends & their Aspects by Earth Angel Oils

We have plentiful supply of these vibrational air freshener and skin/body sprays!


Wellbeing, Natural Antidepressants, Hormonal/Metabolic/Emotional Support

Natural Stone  Earrings Handcrafted by Sue "Rain Spirit" Ezzel

Essential oils have many functions, and this category provides a therapeutic index of benefits.

Gift Packs Small Gifts

These are essential oils and essential oil blends which are frequently used in treatment programs for children and adolescents with PANDAS (Pediatric AntiInflammatory Neuropsychological Disorder associated with Strep) At client request, we have created this category of oils and blends frequently utilized in the management of PANDAS. We have chosen calming, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and immune-building oils and blends which calm and energize the Central Nervous System.  

We hope to bring you interesting articles on various aromatherapy topics, beginning with studies of the plant families and similarities of the natural chemistry of the plants within each family. We began with the Myrtaceae family of safe respiratory bacteria-busters; continuing next with pain-relieving and drainage oils. We hope that you enjoy this new section.


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