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Earth Angel Oils is an old-fashioned Oil Cottage, founded by Helen Stembridge, a school psychologist, more than twenty years ago. Our present mission is to bring awareness of the oils into the mainstream and to distribute the oils as widely as possible during these challenging times.

Helen was seeking natural treatments and improved her health by anointing herself with the individual oils she had chosen for that purpose. Five years later, she began working with essential oils full time and began teaching others how to blend the oils. From 1998 through 2000, Helen taught weekly blending classes at June Rey's herb shop in Conroe, Texas.

The blending classes were reminiscent of the Garden Club days of her childhood, and the Earth Angel blends came into being in that spirit — flowing freely together, like the spring bouquets that her mother used to create.

During that time, Helen and her students (most of whom are natural health professionals — herbalists, massage and colon therapists, reflexologists, and energy healers) created many of our present collection of 275+ pure essential oil blends. They are offered here in various sizes and in our unique cabinets and gift packs, so that you can make use of them for yourself and for others you care about.

In 2002, Helen was invited to a spiritual conference in Colorado. She wanted to create a special spiritual oils cabinet for the event, so she asked her energy teacher, Star Johnsen-Moser, to help choose the blends to include in the cabinet. When Star held each of the bottles, she described the energetic actions of the oils in the body. This was so significant that Helen asked Star to provide this information for all of the Earth Angel blends and, later, for the individual oils as well.

This new energetic information led to the creation of the Spiritual Series of aromatherapy cabinets (the Energetic Healing, Spiritual Awakening & Sports Massage, Dolphin, Meridian, and Cellular Emotional Memory Release cabinets). It also added greatly to our understanding of what each oil or blend did at the energetic level. We hope that you will find the energetic information interesting and valuable, and that additional research may be stimulated from these beginnings.

Over the years, many volunteers and co-creators have contributed to the success of the Earth Angel Oils project. Some of them are pictured below:

Carol Sweeney Star Johnsen-Moser Mae Malone
Registered nurse, hospital administrator, massage therapist, infant massage and aromatherapy teacher; created many blends. A spiritual healer, teacher, and energy facilitator for over 40 years; did the energy readings for the Earth Angel Oils Spiritual mama to all of us; taught Helen to use a pendulum
Juanita Hurt Sue "Rain Spirit" Ezell Rusty Durbin
Earth Angel Oils volunteer, massage therapist; uses & sells the oils to her clients Created Rain Spirit series of blends; in charge of Earth Angel Oils production Hot shot for Earth Angel Oils, fixes problems fast!
Michael Yannette Kat, Lily and Meshelle Smith Rasha Gates
Musician who commissioned and co-created the thirteen Mysterium blends Love to blend and pour the oils at Earth Angel Oils Earth Angel Oils volunteer, healer; blends and shares oils with others
Star Johnsen-Moser Richard "Six Bears" Chisolm Bennie Kuehnle
Assisted at many blending classes, minister; created Pituitary & Aphrodisiac blend Cherokee elder, silversmith; created Six Bears Running blend Animal healer and barrel racer; created many blends, including Anti-Stress, Pain & Panic Relief
Beth Smith Betty Whyte June Rey
Massage therapist, energy healer, jewelry maker; created Aaaah, Mmm! and Focus to Learn blends Registered nurse, EAO voluntee;, created Betty's Birthday Blends, EZ Breathing, Visions & Psychic Powers, and Wound Heal blends Herb shop owner, hosted weekly blending classes for two years; sells Earth Angel Oils, created Lung Heal blend
Doris Cooper & Granddaughter Peggy Wetherbee
Massage and colon therapist, herbalist; created Blue Healer and Nighttime Breathing blends Herbalist, event organizer, large animal therapist; uses oils for her family & her daughter's horses Did marketing and web site content creation
Annette Buss Aoleah Eara
Kuan Yin magnified healer; created Kuan Yin blend Reiki and Mayan teacher; created Beginning of Fire blend Medical and psychic intuitive, created 4 Healing Chrysms (anointing oils)
Alicia White Nancy Adams Meg Huelkampf
Herb shop owner; sold Earth Angel Oils and hosted classes Herbalist, aromatherapy teacher, client, and close friend Energy healer and Earth Angel Oils volunteer
Suzanne Powell Wendy Bechtel
Stone medicine woman; created Three Wise Women blend Herbalist, travel agent; loves, uses and sells Earth Angel Oils


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