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Drainage, Healing, & Pain Relief oils & blends HALF PRICE

New Pain-Relief blend (above, Click) features two drainage oils (Lemongrass & Marjoram), and two sesquiterpenes for healing & pain relief: (Copaiba & Frankincense). NOW Half Price PainBGone Blend above (Click here); or in blend/Spray Combo below, Was $37; NOW $18.50 (Click here).  

The blend really works, and in honor of this new offering, we have put ALL of our Drainage & Pain Relief oils & blends on Half Price Special for October:

Drainage Blends (for Brain, Sinuses, Lymph, Kidneys): Click Here

Pain Relief Oils: Click Here .

Pain Relief Blends & Packs: Click here


Mood-Uplifting, Refreshing Peppermint Sprays 6 pack, shown above: 2/3 Off: Click here Was $55, NOW $18.33 for all six sprays!!! Spray body & environment -- relieves headaches, assists brain function & focus, Perfect for bathroom, to freshen sickrooms, classrooms, office, treatment rooms. 

This refreshing Peppermint spray is also available with 1/4 oz Peppermint essential oil, 2/3 off for the combo shown below: Was $27, NOW $9! Click here.


STRESS RELIEF 2/3 Off: Here in Houston (Go Astros!), as well as all across the country, we all face too much stress at every turn, due to ongoing physical and emotional traumas -- natural disasters, the economy, world & domestic political unrest -- and also the excitement of new hope as we strive to create good things to come --  and this week, the World Series at our doorstep!  During recent storm recovery, we created a Stress Relief Body & Environmental Spray utilizing our excellent Spanish Lavender, and are continuing to offer it in a six-pack (see below) at 2/3 off: Was $55, NOW $18.33 for all six sprays, so that you can freely share them with friends and family. Click here.


We are proud to introduce our New, Improved Angel Gift Packs (see below) - Limited time, 2/3 Off for Earlybird shoppers - Perfect Christmas presents at super low price!! Bringing aromatherapy into the mainstream:  Click here.

Our Stress Relief Angel Pack Includes our three most popular anxiety-relieving blends for daily wear: Anti-Stress, Pain & Panic Relief, PostTraumatic Stress Relief -- and we have added our Amor blend which has been found to be effective for relief of panic attacks. Was $38; NOW $12.75! Click here.


Our Angelic Assistance Angel Pack (see above) includes Angel Shield, Heal the Soul, and we have added the Emmanuel Protection blend, which represents the giant fearless angel who makes everything all right! Was $47.50, NOW $16! Click here.

Allowing Positive Action Angel Pack (See below) includes our classic anxiety-relieving vasodilator Heart Relax and uplifting, energizing Moving Forward blends, plus we have added our new Stability blend which grounds the subtle bodies, creating a state of stability between our higher worlds and our lower worlds, helping us to walk in balance between the two. This pack relieves ADHD, excess worrying and OCD, encourages flexibility and frees us up to function effortlessly with ease and grace. Was $40; NOW $15. Click here

Helps Us to Function Effortlessly with Ease & Grace!

Reality & Grounding Angel Pack for mental clarity (see below) is designed to reduce fear and assist focus, thus enabling objective mental functioning in a state of wellbeing. The pack features our Clear Thinking and Concentration blends, and we have added our Calm Mental Focus blend. Was $45; NOW $15. Click here.


Sleep Angel Pack (see above)  include our three most frequently requested calming blends which encourage restful sleep. We added the classic Peaceful Comfort blend to our Sweet Dreams and Sweet Sleep blends. Was $52; NOW $17.50! Click here.

Please check our Action Incentives - always 2/3 off! category frequently, as we alternate the items in this category frequently, to allow our most popular blends to take a turn being offered at this deep discount briefly, from time to time. Click here.



Our selection of over 200 individual Essential Oils includes:

  • Massage & Aromatherapy Basics such as lavender, peppermint and grapefruit
  • Rare and Precious Essential Oils such as Rose, Jasmine, Linden Blossom, and Plumeria
  • Exotic and hard to find oils such as Amber, Sandalwood, and premium Frankincense

Our selection of 100% Pure Essential Oil Blends (over 300 blends available, developed in conjunction with health professionals throughout the years) include Essential Oil Blends for:

  • Pain Relief, Healing & Regeneration, Sports Massage
  • Stress & Anxiety Relief, Sleep, Calming & Relaxation
  • Memory & Focus Enhancement & Creativity
  • Mood Uplift, Hormonal Support & Chakra Balancing
  • Natural Respiratory Protection & Immune Building - Antiviral, Antimicrobial
  • Natural First Aid & Skin Care


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