March Specials:

New Offerings & Rare & Precious 1/3 OFF!

Spray, Diffuser Combo & Individual Oils Specials TWO THIRDS OFF!

Massage Specials HALF PRICE!


March Extravaganza: 

The March buying campaign continues, as we replenish our precious Blue oils Tanaceta anuum Click and Deep Blue Yarrow Click, and receive new premium oils Sandalwood CO2 Click, Palo Santo Click , Geranium Bourbon Click, True Melissa Click, & Helichrysum organic Click.

For the last half of March, we are offering these new oils and also all of our Rare & Precious oils at 1/3 off, including our Rare & Precious giftpacks 1/8 oz and 2 ml sizes. Click here.

We are also continuing all previously advertised March specials including half price on Massage Combos

Half price special on Massage Combos!

2/3 off Large Selection of Individual Oils, Vibrational Sprays, and new Diffuser Ambience & House Cleaning Combos!

During March, we are bringing these half price specials to our massage clients:
These Massage Combos feature our best 100% Pure Essential Oil massage blends in convenient to use, quarter ounce bottles. We find that most therapists prefer this size as it's easy to dispense a few drops at a time without interrupting the flow of the treatment.    Add just a few drops of our essential oil blends to your favorite massage oils to enhance the therapeutic benefits of your massage treatment for your clients today.

NOW ON SALE - 50% OFF Click Here.

All Time Favorite Seven Massage Pack
- This pack features seven of our most widely used essential oils for massage. This pack contains such favorites as Peaceful Comfort, a relaxing favorite, Six Bears Running, often used to reduce back pain and muscle spasms, also great for menstrual cramps, and Bone and Joint Heal, a wonderful blue healing oil that relieves joint pain and discomfort. Click Here.

Back Pain & Sports Massage Pack
- This pack contains 7 100% pure essential oil blends paired with 2 individual essential oils, Birch and Patchouli. The essential oil blends in this pack are great for relieving pain, assisting in drainage, reducing inflammation and promoting gentle healing.   Click Here.

Athletic Fitness & Sports Workout Massage Pack
- This pack includes our most widely used essential oil blends for sports massage and contains a generous selection of essential oil blends to support healing and pain reduction. Our Full Swing blend is often used for soft tissue injuries, muscle sprains and strains. Click Here.

Extreme Sports Muscle Relief Sports Pack
- This pack was developed for use with a group of marathon runners for use during their events. Whether your clients are running marathons or enjoying less strenuous exercises that cause aches and pains, this pack contains a selection of essential oil blends designed to reduce their discomfort and promote healing. This pack contains a great selection of essential oil blends to reduce pain and inflammation, muscle spasms, and assist in drainage. Click Here.

And for those who buy individual oils , a whole new selection 2/3 OFF Action incentives for those who love to buy single notes to blend your own!!  Overstock 2/3 off (Click here).

Our Festival of Sprays continues at 2/3 off throughout March. Click Here
including two new Spray Collections: Meditation & Yoga Transformation Sprays Click Here, and
Top Twelve Skin Sprays & Air Fresheners, with Essential Oils, Gem Elixirs & Flower Essences: Click Here 

We are also introducing a new category Household Cleansers, Disinfectants, Flea, Tick & Mold Cleansers: Click Here,  2/3 off during March: House Cleaning & Pet Odor Removal Oils Click Here and Diffuser Ambience Blends. Click Here.